What is a SocialCRM?

Social CRM or social customer relationship management integrates your social media channels with traditional Customer Relationship Management. This provides your company with the ability to provide your customers with a more personal experience, better customer service and gain greater marketing insight from your social media activities in general.

Full Lifecycle Engagement

Attract, Nuture, Convert, Grow - repeat: Somegu’s unique platform enables you to follow customers through the entire lifecycle of their engagement from the first discovery and redirection into your other products and services.

Audience Management & User Profiles

Create and manage audiences for your WeChat marketing campaigns through the Somegu platform for the most precise marketing possible.

Extensive Analytics & Insights

See exactly how effective your marketing campaigns performs. Somegu gives you a clear overview of which users are most active and most frequently engage and shares your content and thereby providing you with the tools to finding key opion leaders for your brand. Furthermore you can combine data from your WeChat mini programs or e-commerce platforms to create truly comprehensive profiles of your customers.

Rich Media Broadcasts & Library

Easily create WeChat marketing campaigns directly from the Somegu administration and store media and text for later use.

Other Services

WeChat mini program

With WeChat mini programs your business is able to integrate with the WeChat ecosystem’s wide range of services


Build your presense in China and connect with your customers through Somegu SocialCRM

WeChat marketing

Fill the gap between offline and online marketing and build greater brand awareness

WeChat store

Get top of the line WeChat stores and bring your products to the world’s biggest online market

Cross border e-commerce

With Somego cross border e-commerce solution you can easily start selling your products in China

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