WeChat Marketing

WeChat Marketing

Join the world’s biggest social media platform

WeChat is the most important platform for any brand wanting to expand their brand in China. The reason being that it is the main platform used by consumers in China to follow their favorite brands and companies.

At Somegu we have a deep understanding of Chinese social media. Having used WeChat since the very beginning, we know to use content and advertisement to build the absolute best possible relationship with your target audience.

We can provide you with the following services:

Setting up your company WeChat account

  • Account registration

  • Official account cerification

Designing your social media campaign

  • Localization

  • Production of campaigns

  • Traffic growth

Content creation

  • Content localization

  • Content creation

Loyalty program

  • Mini program

  • Follower engagement

  • Customer support


  • Performance tracking of all campaigns

  • User statistics and profiles

  • Audience management

  • Extensive analytics & insights


Need help with defining a marketing strategy for your company in China? We can help. Contact us for more details.

Other Services

WeChat mini program

With WeChat mini programs your business is able to integrate with the WeChat ecosystem’s wide range of services


Build your presense in China and connect with your customers through Somegu SocialCRM

WeChat marketing

Fill the gap between offline and online marketing and build greater brand awareness

WeChat store

Get top of the line WeChat stores and bring your products to the world’s biggest online market

Cross border e-commerce

With Somego cross border e-commerce solution you can easily start selling your products in China

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