WeChat mini program

WeChat mini program

WeChat Mini Program – make your brand matter in China

With over 1 billion users, WeChat is now an ever more important platform for companies to establish themselves on in order to engage with customers. 

WeChat is continuously evolving. The app that started as a simple chatting app, now also includes e-commerce and live streaming.

However, WeChat’s most unique feature is what they call WeChat Mini Programs. They are basically an apps within the WeChat app. Currently more than 150 million people engage with Mini Programs every day and the total amount of Mini Programs has surpassed 600,000.

What is a WeChat Mini Program?

The unique thing about Mini programs are that the user doesn’t need to download or install it first before it can be used. Thereby making them accessible everywhere.

The introduction of Mini Programs on WeChat provides companies with a completely new and unparallel approach to providing services and products to users and is also an ideal starting platform for entering the Chinese market.

With WeChat Mini Programs you are able to sell your products in a complete different way than traditional e-commerce platforms. For example by promoting group buying and rush buying deals.

This combined with the WeChat itself, being the largest messaging app in the world, gives you the best possible foundation for selling your product, because WeChat users are able to easible share and communicate their purchases and thereby influencing other users purchasing behavior in a previously unseen fashion.


To get the most out of Somegu your company should have a WeChat mini program. Contact us today to hear more.

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