WeChat Mini Program
Bringing Bering watches to the WeChat platform, with top of the line e-commerce Mini Program, WeChat Pay, loyalty programme and full integration with SomeguCRM.


Bering Watches needed a complete turnkey solution to entering the Chinese e-commerce market. Complete with e-commerce software platform, audience management, customer analytics and marketing.

What we did

Somegu provided a WeChat Mini Program integrated with our SomeguCRM. The WeChat Mini Program contains all of Berings products in China and handles everything related to shopping, shipping and returns.

In order to maximize repeat business we also provided a powerful loyalty program as a seperate Mini Program on the WeChat platform. Users can redeem points earned, from shopping and sharing on social networks, for special Bering products.

The outcome

The combination of e-commerce, loyalty program and SomeguCRM enables Bering to sell on the WeChat platform and gives them full control to engage with their audience via SomeguCRM.

E-commerce with audience management and extensive analytics and customer insights.

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