WeChat Mini Program
Enabling Chinese travellers to make pre-orders for Heinemann Duty Free on WeChat.


Heinemann runs and manages Duty-Free shopping in over 50 airports around the world. They came to us with the challenge of increasing the amount of shopping made by Chinese travellers.

What we did

Many Chinese travellers prefer to do their Duty-Free shopping before they arrive in the airport. This makes travelling less stressful and gives them more time to move through the airport. Our solution was to make a WeChat Mini Program with the full catalogue of the Duty-Free shop, so the travellers can simply pick up their purchases at either the arrival or departure gate. 

The outcome

By making a WeChat e-commerce Mini Program, Heinemann was able to provide Chinese travellers with their full product catalogue before they even depart from their home. 

Duty Free shopping via WeChat Mini Program.


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